You can't invest in others if you aren't willing to first invest in yourself.

Increase your confidence showing up for your community and speaking in front of any audience

Solve challenges and make decisions quicker than ever before

Renew your energy, focus and determination to reach success in your business 

Clearly articulate your thoughts, stories and ideas in a simple and powerful way

as my client, your goals become my goals.

Here's some of the benefits you can expect to receive through coaching.

real coaching for real results

- jessica, business owner

"i always knew there was something more in me - i just didn't know what. You managed to find it and i am forever grateful."

Initial discovery call to align on goals, expectations and commitments

Regular 60-minute calls (every other week) to work through topics on your mind

Individual assessment to learn more about your leadership and communication style

Ongoing support through text and email throughout the coaching engagement

coaching is a commitment and, as your coach, i am fully invested in your success.

Here's how we will get there together:

now, I want to help you...

I understand what great communication is, why it matters and just how important of a role it plays in the success of your business. I have coached thousands of people on how to become better communicators, better public speakers and better leaders.

i've spent my career coaching top executives how to build cultures of engagement

this is kind of my thing

The most successful people in the world have a coach. Someone to inspire, motivate and challenge them to think differently so they can create and implement new ideas and solutions. As your coach, it is my job to push you past the limit you've set for yourself and help you explore opportunities you never knew existed. 

full potentional

It's time to stop holding yourself back from your

- kaleigh, business owner & visual brand strategist

"stephanie was my first coaching experience and i immediately wondered why i hadn't done this sooner."

After 10 years coaching top executives on communication strategies and helping build cultures of engagement, I decided it was time to make a bigger impact in the world. 

I started my business because I wanted to help people like you overcome your fear of sharing your story and feel more confident achieving the vision you've set for yourself. 

certified business coach and communications expert

Meet your coach!

i'm stephanie korczynski

coaching engagements are based on an application process to ensure the most successful results and outcomes. once you submit your application, i will contact you to schedule an inital discovery call within 24-48 hours.

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Yes. If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area, I do offer in-person coaching. However, I will remain in a virtually capacity until further notice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to do my part to keep myself and my clients safe. 

do you offer any in-person coaching?

I offer a variety of coaching packages to help meet you where you are in your life and career. No matter which package you choose, I recommend that coaching sessions are held every other week for 60 minutes. This allows enough time to digest and implement the learnings from the previous session. 

how often do we meet in a coaching engagement and for how long?

I do not take it lightly that you are investing time, energy and money into a coaching engagement with me. I am full invested in your success and ensuring that you get results you expect. Before we begin the engagement, we will establish indicators for your success which will be tracked and regularly discussed throughout our time together to ensure the coaching meets your expectations.

how do you measure success in your coaching programs?

I only work with a limited amount of one-on-one clients at one time. This is to ensure that I am showing up as the best version of myself as your coach and that I can give you my full time, energy and attention that you deserve. I regularly update my website when coaching applications become available for potential clients.

why do you require an application for your coaching programs?

In case you were wondering...

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