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I'm a certified business coach and founder of The KORE Company who believes that communication is the ultimate key to success.

I felt like I had it all - a successful career, a beautiful family, a dream home and a life well-lived. From the outside looking in, everything seemed, well, pretty great.

But, something was missing. A feeling I couldn't ever seem to express through words loomed over me like a dark cloud day in and day out. 

The culprit? My inability to find fulfillment in the work I was spending all my time doing. 

I enjoyed my job. I was good at my job. I made a difference in my job. The problem was - it was just a job.

I didn't want a job. I wanted a purpose.

If I was going to spend time away from my family to work, it needed to be fulfilling. It needed to be something that I fully believed in and could change someone else's life with.

So, I decided to create my own version of that reality. I left the corporate world behind to start The KORE Company and pursue the work I knew I was meant to do.

Now, I live my life every single day with passion, excitement and impact helping other ambitious entrepreneurs do the same through the power of communication. 

my favorite quote

"A glowing woman can help other women glow and still be lit."

the founder


Corporate girl turned entrepreneur who built her dream business in the middle of a global pandemic.

If there's anything the year 2020 taught me, it's that life is too short to do something other than what you love. So, I decided to trade in the corporate time card to pursue my passion.

Now, as the founder of The KORE Company, I help ambitious entrepreneurs take the confusion out of communicating so they can land their ideal client and make more money. 

I'd love to help you, too!

LOVES: a good cup of coffee, getting my hands dirty, performing bad karaoke, being a #girlmom

get to know stephanie

a few of my favorite titles


wife and toddler mom


award winning public speaker and master storyteller


host of the 'Connect with Confidence' podcast


certified business and executive coach

All about

Kindness, treating everyone with respect, honest communication, themed parties, enjoying life to the fullest


Being inauthentic, lackluster content, long-winded emails, rude people, traffic, a bad cup of coffee

agree? we're probably a great fit.

why I do


Human beings need genuine connection now more than ever before. The best way to cultivate those connections is through stories that create relatability and bring us closer together. Whether it's to make someone laugh, smile or just know you're here for them, stories are a powerful tool for bridging the invisible gap between two souls. I believe my purpose is helping others feel confident telling those stories so we can bring people closer together in this world.





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