After spending a decade in the corporate world serving as an advisor to the C-Suite, I decided to trade in my 9-5 to pursue the dream business I always wanted to have. 

communications expert and business coach who believes in the power of meaningful connections

I'm stephanie

After 10 years serving as a leader in communications in the corporate space, I decide to take my talents out in the world and start my own business as a coach. 

Now, I am an award-winning public speaker living out my dream everyday of helping people feel confident in the stories they share within their business and teach them how to make more money with their message.

which leads me to you!

Right there in the audience was a gentleman with his arms crossed, head back, mouth wide open and fast asleep. 

I was flustered, I flubbed my words and he was all that I could see. I had literally put someone to sleep with my presentation.

After I walked off that stage and shed a few tears, I made a decision in that moment that changed my career forever. I wanted to become an expert at speaking and storytelling so that no one ever felt the way I did on that stage. 

that's when i saw him.

There I was giving the very first public presentation of my career - eager, excited and, although I didn't know it at the time, naive. I was confident in my content and my delivery and I thought this was going to be the moment that propelled my career to the next level. That feeling lasted all of 15 minutes. 

i remember it like it was yesterday...

we need connection in this world now more than ever. my approach to communication is to keep it simple and use powerful stories to create meaningful connections.


i believe powerful things can happen when you feel good about who you are and how you serve. i strive to be the best version of myself in all that i do.


i love any opportunity i get to explore my creative side. in my business & personal life, i am always seeking fun and innovative ways to get things done.


Things I'm known for

i was born and raised in new jersey and now live in north carolina.


i'm a momma to a beautiful two-year-old little girl


i have a slight obsession with coffee
(okay, a big obsession)


i started my business with 0 income, 0 followers and just a dream and a plan


fun facts

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